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Collecting claims in Germany

When an invoice is due in Germany, you are in a difficult position as a creditor. Recovering a German claim from another country is complex. Different laws, customs, and cultures make it a very hard and time-consuming task.

Through Oddcoll, you´ll use a German Debt Collection Agency that recovers your invoice from day one.

Our partner in Germany, Adrian Collection Services, located in Neuberg, Germany. starts the recovery when you upload your invoice.

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When you upload invoice to Oddcoll, our local partner in Germany initiate the collection process immediately to collect your claim.

And your claim will be handled as a domestic debt collection case in Germany, meaning the invoice will be recovered more effectively.


When an invoice against a German company is due, the first step in the debt collection process is to try to reach a voluntary payment from the debtor company. This is usually achieved aby collection demands and telephone contact. If the debtor’s delay in payment is due to insolvency, an instalment plan with the debtor may be in order.


Like many other countries, Germany has a special simplified procedure for payment orders when the claim is expected to be undisputed. For cross-border cases (when the applicant is based in another country than Germany), the competent court of proceedings is the Amtsgericht Wedding in Berlin. The creditor can choose to apply either the procedure for payment order or the ordinary court proceedings for civil litigation. If the claim is not contested, an enforcement decision can be issued. But if the debtor contests the claim, the Creditor must explicitly choose to proceed with ordinary court proceedings.


As the last step, if the debtor has not paid, the Creditor must proceed with enforcement (Zwangsvollstreckung). The Creditor must have a judgment from the ordinary court proceedings, or an enforcement order (Vollstreckungsbescheid), from the procedure for Payment Order.

Save Time & Get Paid. Get started in an instant!