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Effective debt recovery in Germany

Are you in need of debt collection services in Germany? The best choice for you would then be to contract a debt collection firm in Germany. We have expertise and understanding of German debt collection legislation with central debt collection experts in Germany. Communication is no obstacle for us when we talk to your debtor in his native tongue, helping us to effectively settle your debt recovery in Germany. Read on to see how quickly Oddcoll can help you.

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The benefits of using Oddcoll for debt collection in Germany.


A native German team for debt collection.

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How we can help you!

Oddcoll offers debt collection services for companies with sales to other countries. We have hand-picked debt collection agencies and law firms worldwide and we make debt collection in Germany effective through our native expertise.

To manage our debt collection cases against debtors in Germany, we have hand-picked German debt recovery firms. We now only work with Straetus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG since they offer the highest performance rate, and customers are very pleased with their work.

Our Debt Collection Agency in Germany.

When an invoice is due in Germany, you are in a difficult position as a creditor. ‘

Recovering a German claim from another country is complex. Different laws, customs, and cultures make it a very hard and time-consuming task.

Through Oddcoll, you´ll use a German Debt Collection Agency that recovers your invoice from day one.

Our partner in Germany, Straetus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, located in Köln, Germany, starts the recovery when you upload your invoice. And your claim will be handled as a domestic debt collection case in Germany, meaning the invoice will be recovered more effectively.

Introduce your company in a few sentences:

STRAETUS Inkasso Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG offers state-of-the-art solutions for debt collection. With more than 70 of its own locations worldwide and a dense network of selected international partners, Straetus supports its customers in all international matters. In addition to debt collection, Straetus also offers its customers services such as invoicing, factoring, dunning or the initiation of court order for dunning and enforcement.

Describe the debt collection process (out of court). What do you do in order to get a debtor to pay, step by step.

1. We put the case in our system and send the first reminder,
2. Call the debtor after 7 days,
3. Send the second reminder after the call (if unsuccessful),
4. Call the debtor 5 days after the second reminder.

What does legal actions cost?

It totally depends on the amount to collect.

If you take legal actions in a case and win in court, are you able to always add the legal costs that the client has paid to the debt and it will be paid by the debtor?

Legal costs will always be added to the debtor if we win a lawsuit but the creditor has to pay them upfront always.

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Taking legal action in Germany to get paid.

Unfortunately, sometimes it may be necessary to take legal action against a German debtor as he does not pay despite pressure in the amicable stage of debt recovery in Germany. Our German representative can easily help you with this.

Which court in Germany should you turn to for your unpaid debt collection claims?

1. If the amount of the German debt collection case does not exceed EUR 5 000 and the regional court does not have special authority, the local courts usually have the right to try the cases in civil matters.

2. In view to all legal cases which are not referred to local courts, the regional courts have authority at first step. There are mainly situations where the contested amount is greater than EUR 5 000.

In Germany, in the Code of Civil Procedure (Zivilprozessordnung, ZPO) (Sections 12-18), the basic rules of jurisdiction is that local jurisdiction is determined by the location where the defendant resides. In the case of a legal organization, the registration office shall determine the territorial jurisdiction (Section 17 ZPO).

Lawyer is necessary for presenting case at the regional courts (Landgerichten) and higher regional courts ‘Oberlandesgerichten’.



To initiate the litigation, who exactly do I apply to:

An argument must usually be made with the court that has jurisdiction in writing. If, however, the local court has authority over the case, the lawsuit can be reported orally at the office of the court (Geschäftsstelle des Amtsgerichts). The lawsuit can be filed at any local court’s office. The office shall without delay transfet the lawsuit to the appropriate court. German is the tongue of the tribunals. So it is appropriate to file the charge in German.

Will I have to pay court charges?

For cases before the courts concerned with civil and economic matters, court expenses are paid. Such payments are the tribunal’s fees and expenses. Following the submission of the lawsuit, the court charges an advance deposit on account of the court expenses (Gerichtskostenvorschuss) corresponding to the sum of the statutory court fees. Generally, once the party taking the suit has paid the advance payment of legal expenses on account, the claim will be served upon the opposition party. The same refers to the process for a payment order.

The existence of an “order for payment” in Germany.

For unopposed debt collection cases against German debtors, there is a special method. In general, this method can be used if the demand is for the payment of a fixed amount of money in euros.

But it cannot be used on the following occasions:
• Claims resulting from a consumer credit arrangement with an interest rate of greater than 12% above the base rate,
• claims based on the results of commitments that are yet to be fulfilled,
• where a published notice will have to be placed on the request for payment and the address of the respondent is undisclosed.

There is no upper limit which can be asserted on the amount. The creditor’s use of the order for the payment is voluntary. The claimant can choose between this process or an ordinary trial.

The local court (Amtsgericht) with ordinary jurisdiction for the claimant has exclusive jurisdiction for the order for payment proceedings. This is decided by the place of residence of the person or, in the case of a legal body, by the registered office of that person. Many German federal states, however, have set up central courts for cases of reimbursement orders (Mahngerichte) (such as the local court of “Wedding in Berlin).

Where the claimant does not have an ordinary position of jurisdiction in Germany, the sole jurisdiction of the central court “Wedding” in Berlin shall apply. If the respondent does not have an ordinary position of jurisdiction in Germany, the jurisdiction of the local court, irrespective of the difference of jurisdiction by subject-matter, is to have jurisdiction over the case (generally, local courts have jurisdiction of up to EUR 5 000 only). Central payment order courts of certain federal states may also be present here.

The court must, on request, issue an order for compliance. The request cannot be submitted until the expiry of the period provided for the objection; it must contain a clarification of what, if any, payments were made in respect of the order for payment. If part payments have been made, the claimant is allowed to decrease the amount demanded accordingly.

If the respondent contests the claim in time, no execution title can be given. However, the case will not automatically be dealt with by ordinary litigation afterwards, as this includes an express request for ordinary hearings, which can be made in an order for payment process from either the claimant or the respondent. As soon as the applicant becomes aware of the objection, the applicant may opt to make such a submission, and may even apply it as a precautionary measure to the payment order itself.

Enforcement proceedings in Germany.

If the debtor has not paid, the creditor must pursue enforcement as the last step. The creditor must have a judgment from the ordinary court proceedings or an enforcement order from the dunning procedure.

The debtor or the creditor can file the application for enforcement.

If you have a situation in Germany about debt recovery? Our German debt collection experts will be glad to assist you settle the issue. For more details, please feel free to get in touch with us. Don’t you want to wait any longer for your German debtor to pay you? Then quickly upload your invoice to our portal.  Our experts would then get to work immediately.

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