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Debt Collection Agencies and Law Firms in 44 Countries in Europe


Experts on local conditions, laws and business culture

Only pay for successful debt recovery, 9,5% commission

What is Oddcoll?

We host a unique online platform and we partner with local, experienced debt collection agencies and law firms to collect invoices faster and with better recovery rates in any European country.

Step 1. Upload Your Invoice and fill in a few details to create an account.

Step 2. Your claim Is collected by our partner, A Debt Collection agency or Law Firm in the same country as your debtor.

Step 3. Get Paid. Once the debtor has paid, the money will be wired to your bank account.

We are very proud of our partners.

High-performing law firms and debt collection agencies in 44 of Europe’s countries. Experts in Debt Collection in their specific country.


  • 9,5 % Commission. No Win, No Fee, Only pay upon successful debt recovery.
  • Start with a free subscription period the first 30 days.

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Quickly resolved a long outstanding debt to our total satisfaction CONCEPT CHEMICALS & COATINGS LTD, Snelson

“Maui kindly explained how they work and when I uploaded the overdue invoice it was dealt with quickly and I had results in less than two weeks. I had been chasing this customer for 6 months!” Mhorag heavenappereal, Brighton

In my opinion Oddcoll is a very good platform for international debt collection Perintäritari Oy,Seinäjoki Finland

Upload your invoice and start the recovery.
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