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Create an account and upload your invoice

Each case you upload will be collected directly by our local partner in your customer’s country.

The debt collection process starts

Our local partner will immediately take appropriate actions that are effective in their specific country. This may e.g. include phone calls and collection demands.

But most importantly, they threaten debtors with legal action. Threats that become real for the debtors as they come from a debt collection expert in their own country that can proceed legally against them.

In this phase, most of the cases are paid.

Legal action

Does the debtor not pay despite collection demands and threats to proceed legally? The next step is to take legal action.

This is done in the debtor’s country and our partners are experts in judicial recovery of receivables.

How long does the debt collection process take?

It varies between countries, but usually the amicable debt collection phase takes somewhere from 3-8 weeks.

How do I communicate with my Debt Collectors?

Communicate directly with your Debt Collectors on the case-page for each case.

Will I be notified when something happens in my cases?

Yes, you will be notified by email.

How do I access my cases?

Through your account pages you have access to your cases from anywhere, anytime!

Experience the Modern Debt Collection Solution
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Applies to all our partners

- Legal authorization to recover claims in their countries
- B2B Collection Specialists
- Communicates in English
- Experts in their national debt recovery legislation

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