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Whether you are running a small scale company or have an established business, successfully managing debt and finding ways of recovering bad debt is vital.

Often, even with careful vetting and strict credit limits, it can still be impossible to completely avoid generating bad debt.

Rather than going through the exercise of collecting debt on your own, an alternative option is to hire a debt collection agency.

Furthermore, by hiring a debt collection agency, businesses are able to recoup their past due debts in a much more expedient as well as professional manner.

Besides, debt collection agencies know which techniques are most likely to be successful and are able to impose more serious penalties on people who refuse to pay.

However, with a plethora of debt collection agencies flooding the market today, choosing the right one can be a daunting task.

Not to worry, at Oddcoll, we offer a unique online platform to connect European businesses with debt collection agencies in the European country where the debtor is domiciled.

With a mission to take our clients into financial might, we at Oddcoll partner with experienced debt collection agencies and law firms to collect invoices faster and with better business debt recovery rates in any European country.

Why Choose Us?

At Oddcoll, our consistent effort is to offer an online platform that simplifies debt collection in Europe for creditors and partner with seasoned debt collection agencies and law firms for providing first-class European debt recovery services at affordable rates.

Not to mention, regardless of the country in which the case is handled, our fee is always 9.5% of the collected amount in commission and is only paid when the debtor has paid their debt to you. In addition, your invoices are always handled as national claims, which means you get low commission rate, high recovery rate and faster recovery process.

However, all these are just words unless we go into the nitty-gritty as to why you should use our platform for debt collection.

1. High recovery rates At Oddcoll, our partner debt collection agencies and law firms will go above and beyond in terms of recovering your debt quickly and efficiently. Leveraging years of experience, our partner debt collection agencies make sure that the debt collection process is as smooth and quick as possible. Not to mention, our debt collectors have the techniques and expertise to get results, even when it seems like your money is unrecoverable.

2. Easy to use Easy to use- One of the major benefits of using Oddcoll is the fact that it is easy to use. Besides, all you need to do is create an account, fill in some information about your company, upload the invoice and voilà, your debt will be recovered in no time. In addition, through our platform, you can easily follow the progress of each case.  

3. No win, no fee No win, no fee- At Oddcoll, we apply the pricing model no win, no fee. This means you’ll only pay upon successful collection.

At Oddcoll, our endeavor is to enlist ourselves into the minutest of the details in terms of partnering with experienced debt collection agencies and law firms to collect invoices faster and with better business debt recovery rates in any European country.

Contact us: So what are you waiting for? If you are searching for the right debt collection agency, make sure you visit our website (oddcoll.com). If you have any queries or want to talk to us, you can contact us at. Call@ +46 732 363 410 Email@ info@oddcoll.com

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Oddcoll is a service for international debt collection.
We make it easy for companies to get paid from their customers abroad.

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