Your Commercial debt collection solution.

Are you searching for a way to collect all your commercial debts, only pay upon success and spend less time while doing it? If so, this is the debt collection solution for you.


But firstly, what is Commercial debt collection?


Commercial debt collection means, collecting debts between companies. The expression is commonly used by collection agencies for situations when both the debtor and the creditor is a company. If the debtor is a physical person instead, it is a consumer debt collection.

Since we´re only handling commercial debt collection, both you and the debtor has to be a company to use our service.


Is “Commercial Debt Collection service” for me?


This service is for companies with claims against other companies, who like the “No win no fee”-concept and are open for a online solution.

This service is not for the company with claims against persons, neither for those with problem understand English or those who like the more traditional communication ways with letters and telephone as the standard.

Recover my debts using Oddcoll

Since you are reading this, you probably want to know more about our online solution. You will handle all your claims on one platform where starting a collection is as easy as sending an email.

Via the platform, you will also have access to 44 experts in commercial debt collection from different European countries (see countries). It means that no matter from where your customer is, your claim will be handled as a domestic one.

Okay, but exactly how does it affect you? The time spent on your commercial debt collection will decrease and you will maximize your chances of getting paid.


What are the fees for commercial debt collection?

You will always receive 90,5% of the collected amount. Upon success, the fee is 9,5% of the collection.Read more on pricing.

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Applies to all our partners

- Legal authorization to recover claims in their countries
- B2B Collection Specialists
- Communicates in English
- Experts in their national debt recovery legislation