There are two costs, membership fee, and success fee.

Membership fee:

The membership fee is €99 per month or €799 per year: You can start as many cases as you want and let the best local debt collectors work on your cases.

Success fee:

Against debtors, in Europe, the cost is 9.5 % of the recovered amount.
Against debtors outside Europe, the cost is 19.5 % of the recovered amount.

There is always no win, no fee, which means that you will pay no success fee if no money is collected.

An Oddcoll membership means:

The world’s best local debt collection specialists
– Right at your disposal!


When using Oddcoll:


Debt collection orders come locally from debt collectors where your debtors are located.


It makes a debtor much more cooperative.


A debtor is concerned about what a local debt collection specialist might do to escalate their actions!

What would make you more willing to pay: a letter from another country or your local collection agency/law firm knocking on your door?

  You’ll get access to all the tricks in the book from our local debt collection specialists.


Our local debt collection agencies and law firms have a wealth of experience in dealing with claims in their country.

They know all the tricks to successful recovery in their jurisdiction. Everything from:

– Creditscoring
– Contact
– Pressure on the debtor
– Negotiation
– Home visits
– Appropriate legal channels and petitions
– Insolvency proceedings
– Enforcement of claims.

Take advantage of the incredible collective experience and specialisation of our debt collection agencies and law firms.

  Not only do we have local debt collection specialists everywhere. We also have the best ones.


We only use debt collection agencies and law firms in each country with the best customer satisfaction and reputation.

They are continuously evaluated and we only retain those with a high recovery rate.

And you minimise the time you spend on debt collection!


We build our service so that you can minimise your time wasted on debt collection.

Start cases quickly by:

  • Uploading your receivables directly onto the platform.
  • Via API.
  • Or bulk uploads via CSV files.

Our debt collectors always keep you updated and notified about the progress of your cases on your case pages.

Try Oddcoll completely risk-free for the first 30 days without any membership fee.

   Your 30 days start automatically when you create an account.

   Pay success fee only upon success.

   No credit card required.

FAQ About Pricing

What happens if it takes more than 30 days (Free Membership Period) to collect my debt?

Started cases will always be handled in full even if your 30 days free subscription period has ended.

Will a subscription start automatically after 30 days?

No, the subscription will not start automatically. When the free 30 days have passed, you will have to manually start the subscription in order to be able to create new cases.

What does "Success fee" mean"?

We apply the pricing model No Win, No Fee. This means that you only pay commission upon successful debt recovery and when money has been collected.

Are there any other costs that can occur?

If an out of court collection is not enough, you might have to proceed with legal actions. Additional costs will be added to proceed with legal actions. This cost is different depending on the case and country. If we win in court, some of these costs can often be added to the debt and paid back to you by the debtor.

You will always get a recommendation on whether to take legal action or not, and you must approve the actions and costs before we proceed with legal actions.

Rest Easy With Our 12 Month Money Back Happiness Guarantee

We are fully convinced that you will be happy with Oddcoll.
Therefore, we offer all our customers a money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied, get one-year subscription costs back, no questions asked.
Just send an email to to be refunded.

The best local debt collection specialists – At your disposal


Oddcoll is a service for international debt collection.
We make it easy for companies to get paid from their customers abroad.

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