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Are you searching for Debt collection services in France?

You are at the right place as Oddcoll debt collection services in France is here for your help with the deep level of professionalism and dedication.

To become our client at Oddcoll is absolutely free as we do not take signing up fee or any form of the fee before we render our service. And until the moment we help you in the proceedings of recovering your debt from your France based debtor and for getting the fund, we do not charge any amount. Although, when we have accomplished the goal of recovering, we will demand a commission of 9.5% of the amount that was recovered from the debtor.

No Collection, No Fee. 9,5 % Commission.

No upfront or hidden fees – only pay for successful debt recovery

Debt Recovery against your French customers!

France is the world’s fifth largest economy and Europe’s second largest market so obviously, France is an important trading partner for many companies selling their goods or services abroad. In a European comparison, the credit terms when selling to French companies are usually relatively long.

How should you act when the invoice falls due? When your French customer does not pay, you need a professional partner in France to help you recover your debt. Someone who is an expert on the specific rules governing debt collection activities in France.

The Debt Collection process in France

1. The Amicable Debt Collection Phase in France

Amicable Debt Collection means that the Debt Collector tries to get the debtor to pay his debt without initiating judicial action, In this way, the Creditor can avoid unnecessary cost risks and extended legal processes.

2. Judicial Debt Recovery in France

In France, there is a specially simplified legal procedure (payment order) for the recovery of undisputed claims.

If the creditor chooses to use this procedure, the debtor is given approximately a month to contest the claim. If the debtor does object, a judgment cannot be issued in this simplified procedure.

3. Enforcement

When the creditor has obtained a court ruling, he can use it to proceed with enforcement against the debtor. In France, bailiffs are responsible for the enforcement.


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