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Our Belgian debt collection partner

Legislation and rules that are unique to Belgium govern the entire recovery process.

Therefore, you must use a Belgian debt collection agency to get your debtor to pay.

When you upload your invoice to Oddcoll, our local partner (an experienced Belgian Debt Collection Agency) starts to collect your claim.

Our Belgian Partner is the Debt Collection Agency VP Consulting.

With about 500 customers and 2.000 cases each month for 1.500.000 euro. A success rate of 90 %.

Could you shortly describe your company?

VP Consulting is a small custom made Belgian debt recovery agency that collects consumer and commercial claims for all types of services and industries. We are a proud member of the Belgian Collectors Association. So we are following Their code of conduct. To become member, a debt recovery agency has to:

– Be incorporated, subject to a legal obligation to publish its annual accounts and to be registered in the Central Company Databank. It must have a company identification number and be listed with the Federal Public Service for Economy as being a debt collector.

– Have carried on debt collection activities for at least 3 years.

What challenges do you have when collecting in Belgium?

The Belgian law stipulates that B2C (consumers) claims have a special treatment. We need to wait 15 days before starting a new action. So if we send a reminder to the debtor and we have no result we have to wait minimum 15 days before to start a legal action. For B2B (business) we don’t have to wait 15 days. So no obligations to apply a minimum period.

If you are taking legal actions in a case and you win in court, can the costs for legal actions that the client has paid for be added to the debt?

When we start up a legal action in Belgium we always analyze the case together with the balief. If the debtor’s solvency is not OK we will usually suggest to to resolve the case amicably. This is to avoid high legal costs.

The debt collection process in Belgium

Amicable Debt Collection in Belgium.

The Debt Collection Agency takes actions to achieve a voluntary payment from the Debtor.

For example, a dunning letter is sent to the debtor. The dunning letter is a prerequisite to use the Payment order later in the process.

Legal Debt Collection in Belgium.

There is a special procedure for payment orders available in Belgium in the judicial debt recovery process. This procedure is for claims not exceeding 1 860 Euro.

After the application for payment orders has been made, and if it meets all criteria, the court may grant the application. This gives the Payment Order the same effect as a default judgment. The Court serves the debtor the Payment Order and he can direct an objection to it.

If he does, the court summons the parties to a court hearing. For claims exceeding 1 860 Euros, a creditor must use the usual court proceedings in Belgium. The creditor then needs to appear in person or by proxy at the Belgian court.


As a final step in the Belgian debt collection process, Enforcement may become necessary to “force” a debtor to pay. A prerequisite means that the creditor has an enforcement order proving the existence of the claim (a payment order must enter into force before it becomes enforceable).

Finally, the debtor is served the enforcement title and he is given a last chance to pay the claim voluntarily. After that, enforcement can take place

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