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Debt Recovery in Austria

What are the benefits of letting a debt collection agency in Austria collect your claims? Due to national Austrian legislation and business culture, you need an Austrian Debt Collection Agency to recover your claim effectively. You will hence maximize your chances of getting paid, and you ensure that the debt recovery is in accordance
with the law.

Our Austrian Debt Collection Agency is IDG Inkasso Direkt GmbH, based in Linz.

The Stages in Austrian Debt Collection


Out-of-court collection in Austria

The first step is to try to recover debt without the need for legal action since it is not in any of the parties’ interests to proceed in court. The Debt Collector sends Dunning letters and the debtor is, at the same time, made aware that non-payment can lead to legal action initiated against him. This is done for the purpose of getting the debtor to understand how serious the matter is.

Legal Actions in Austria.

In order for settle cases faster and easier, there is a mandatory simplified procedure for payment orders in Austria. It is applicable for all claims not exceeding 75,000 Euro. If the Creditors application meets all formal requirements, the payment order is served the debtor. The Debtor then has four weeks to file a contest. If he does, as a result, the ordinary dispute procedure begins instead. If the debtor does not contest the claim, the creditor consequently receives an enforceable copy of the payment order, This can later be used in the Enforcement procedure.

As a result of the Judicial phase, the creditor now has an enforcement order. Either an enforceable copy of the Payment Order or a judgment from a normal court proceeding. But what if the debtor still does not pay?

The creditor then needs to apply for Enforcement and choose the type of assets to be enforced. (movable goods, Receivables, Real estate.) If the application meets all the standards, a bailiff carries out the Enforcement measures to recover the debt.