Debt recovery for small businesses

Debt recovery can be a time-consuming process for small businesses, time that could be better spent growing your business and generating profits. Oddcoll simplifies this process, helping you save valuable time. Simply upload your invoice to our user-friendly platform, and let our carefully selected local agencies and law firms handle your overdue or missing payments.

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Improve your small business cash flow with commercial debt collection

Maintaining your company’s financial health is essential, and optimizing your cash flow through effective debt recovery is a key strategy. This is often time-consuming, so Oddcoll is here to assist you. Our platform connects you with the best local debt recovery experters across the globe. We partner exclusively with the finest agencies and law firms, ensuring a high success rate.

Debt collection for small businesses

At Oddcoll, we understand that your time is valuable as a small business owner and should be used for growth, profit, and operation. That’s why we’re here to help you with debt recovery, so you can do what you do best – Growing your business.

With Oddcoll and our pool of experts, you have access to unbeatable experience. Hiring a local debt collector is more effective because debtors recognize that they are within their jurisdiction.

And hey, you only pay when we succeed with your claims.

This is why you use a debt collection agency

Effortless & Effective debt recovery
Only pay upon success
High success rate together with local experts

What does the commercial debt collection process look like?


 Upload your invoice(s) to our platform

Our local debt collection agencies and law firms will take appropriate action such as phone calls and other collection demands. Since our partners have both jurisdiction and expertise to take legal action your debtors are more likely to pay.
When the invoice has been paid, the money is transferred to you.
Are you in need of International Debt Collection services? Oddcoll can help you collect commercial debt from your customers abroad. Get started today by setting up an account and uploading your unpaid invoices. If you have any questions, please fill in the form on the right.
See how easy it is to get started with your case!
Oddcoll is a service for international debt collection.
We make it easy for companies to get paid from their customers abroad.
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