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Do you have a debtor in Moldova?

Sick with annoying debtors to collect your unpaid invoices? Look no further as Oddcoll debt collection services are here for your help to process your claims in the fastest possible way while keeping you updated with the whole debt collection process.

There are many other debt collection services then why Oddcoll? The reasons are quite obvious, we are the company that, through our local Moldovan partner, is familiar with the local business laws in Moldova and your claim is handled as the domestic debt collection case which makes the whole process of your debt collection more effective.

Discover the benefits of using Oddcoll

Use our local Moldovan Debt Collector.

To keep in mind is that you should use a Moldovan debt collector to maximize your chances of getting paid. The reason for this is that rules and practices regarding debt collection and procedural rules are regulated at a national level. Use Oddcoll to upload your claim directly to a Moldovan Debt Collection Agency.

The only thing that you would be doing is to upload your claims to our online platform and when your debts get recovered, without any delay these are transferred to your bank via wire transfer. In Moldova, our authorized partner is SRL “Debit Collect Group”.

Save Time & Get Paid. Get started in an instant!