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Effective debt recovery in Finland

For many, Finland is an attractive trading partner with its business environment and political stability. Finnish companies are also generally quick to pay their payment demands. However, if your customer does not pay, you need to use a Finnish debt collection agency, as Finnish laws apply to the collection process. Read more to see how Oddcoll can easily help you, as a creditor, with collection in Finland.

To start the collection process against a Finnish debtor, you only need to do the following.


You upload your payment demand against your Finnish customer on our debt collection platform.

Our Finnish debt collection agency starts the collection directly in Finland to ensure your payment.

Once your money has been collected, it is transferred directly to your bank account.

The benefits of using Oddcoll for debt collection in Finland.


Local Finnish expert on site in Finland who collects your invoice and take care of your payment demand!


Our debt collection partner carry legal authority making your debtor more inclined to pay.


Our debt collector always speaks Finnish with your debtor, which makes them more cooperative.


Experts in Finnish debt recovery legislation and the whole collection process.

Oddcoll’s debt collection services!

Oddcoll is a platform with local debt collection agencies and law firms around the world.

This means that we have hand-picked Finnish debt collection agencies to handle our cases against debtors in Finland. All Finnish debt collection companies we have chosen to work with are members of the Finnish debt collection community and have had excellent reviews from their customers.

After working with several different Finnish debt collection companies, we have for several years chosen to work with the debt collection agency Perintäritari Oy, as they delivered the highest degree of payment and the creditors are very satisfied with their work.

Since Perintäritari Oy now handles all our Finnish cases, we have now ensured that you have access to the best debt collection company in Finland. So if you have not been paid on your payment demands, you can easily start a debt collection case.

The entire debt collection time of a case is hard to predict and depends on many different factors. The debt collection process is much quicker if the debt collection agency ensures that the creditor receives payment without the need for legal collection.

All you need to know about international debt collection in 60 sec.

Our local debt collection agency in Finland.

Debt collection Finland

We are very happy to present our Finnish partner Perintäritari Oy, located in the Finnish city Seinäjoki. A Debt Collection Agency with a long experience in the Finnish Debt Collection industry. They manage the collection process in Finland for a creditor using Oddcoll

– Could you shortly describe your company?

We are a small family business which has been a one man company for 27 years and now since the beginning of 2017 we grew to a two men company.

We help businesses to recover their debts with a customer-based means and we improve our customers’ cash flow and credit management.

Our goal is to be the most wanted partner in credit management and debt collection.

– What kind of service could the creditor expect when you´re handling their case?

With us, the customer can always expect personal service no matter if you’re creditor or debtor. We have a clear division of our work. Juha takes care of sales and marketing and Jussi takes care of administration and the debt collection itself. We don’t have any call centers or faceless customer service desks. I’m the one who answers e-mails and phone calls and my face is on our website next to my phone number.

We also carry the economic risk of debt collection. We don’t charge anything from creditor beforehand (excl. legal actions) and if we fail to collect the debt we don’t charge for our failure.

– What challenges do you have when collecting in Finland?

We have the same kind of challenges as they probably have in many European countries.

If you can’t get the debt paid voluntarily, the worst case scenario is that bureaucracy of legal actions will take a long period of time and be getting money back even after that is always uncertain.

– Can you mention one statistic that you are proud of?

We are proud of our success rate. It’s grown since we decided that every debtor gets two letters of collection and phone call. Especially calling to debtors has brought good results.

Another thing we are proud of is that hard work pays off. Our goal was very careful with growing business in the first year but now we are in 50% growth measured in turnover.

Also, we are very proud of transparency in our pricing. The customer can always use the counter on our website to find out the accurate sum of what he/she is going to pay for us collecting their receivables.

Information regarding debt collection in Finland.

The following is a general presentation of the debt collection process in Finland.

Extrajudicial debt collection in Finland –>
“Judicial” debt collection in Finland –>
Enforcement of judgments –>
Insolvency proceedings.

  Amicable debt collection in Finland.

Debt collection in Finland starts at the extrajudicial debt collection phase. This means that an attempt is made to get the debtor to pay without the need to take legal action.

This is done by sending payment demand to the debtor on behalf of the creditor. The collection order contains a description that the case may be taken to the district court if the debt is not paid by the debtor.

The demand is followed up with persistent contact and pressure on the debtor. The debt collector always tries first and foremost to get immediate full payment, but sometimes the most sensible thing to do is to set up a payment plan.


In order to work as a debt collection agency in Finland with Finnish debtors, you must be registered with the Finnish authorities. The competent authority for all debt collection agencies in the country is the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland. They also supervise the Finnish debt collection agencies, ensuring that they operate within the law and carry out their duties in an appropriate manner. Here you can find information about the tasks of the supervisory authority.

“Good debt collection practices”:

How a debt collection agency in Finland may handle its cases is described in the law ” Laki saatavien perinnästä”.

The Act regulates, among other things:
– how a debt collection agency may behave towards a debtor,
– what debt collection costs may be charged to the debtor.
– the format of a written payment demand.
– limitation periods, etc.

The interest that can be charged on overdue invoices when collecting debts in Finland is regulated by the Finnish interest act. The late payment interest starts when an invoice is overdue.

  “Judicial” debt collection in Finland.

Sometimes it may be necessary for a creditor to proceed with legal debt collection in Finland when your Finnish debtor does not pay despite pressure in the “amicable stage” of Finnish debt collection. We can of course help with this in your debt collection case.

What’s the Difference Between the Various Courts in Finland?

General courts manage all individual civil actions in Finland. They are held in district courts, which are called “käräjäoikeus” in Finnish.

When a civil action is made against a defendant, it must be filed in a general court of the same district where the defendant lives, or in the case of a company, the companies place of domicile. It is rare for court cases to be held outside of the defendant’s district.


Which Languages Can I Use in Finnish Courts?

A Finnish district court recognise Finnish and Swedish as the two primary languages. All the claims documentation and summons application must be written in Finnish. But if a civil action is brought against someone in the Aland Islands, you’re supposed to fill out the Swedish applications.

However, all nationals of Denmark, Iceland, and Norway are allowed to use their native languages in a Finnish court.


Do I need to fill in any form?

You only need to fill out the standard claim application. No other forms are required. When you fill out the claim, make sure you describe the damage done to you and the compensation you wish to seek for it. If you have written documentation to support your claims, such as contracts and undertakings, then you can attach those documents to your claim application.


Are there any court costs for legal debt collection in Finland?

The court charges a handling fee after the case is resolved. The fee amount varies based on the length of time it takes to resolve the case. Sometimes written documentary evidence can resolve a case quickly without the need for a hearing. But if there is a hearing, you can expect to pay a higher handling fee to the court.

As for the attorney fees, they are specified in the legal contracts you have made with your counsel. The court does not set any fixed attorney fees.


Is there an “Order for payment” in Finland?

In order to facilitate the legal process in Finnish debt recovery cases, there is a particularly simplified legal procedure in Finland. This is intended to be used when there is no dispute between the parties and when the debtor does not oppose the demand for payment. Quite simply a shortcut for smoother, faster legal debt collection in Finland.

Summons actions can be made through an online electronic application. Just visit the Finnish judicial administration website and fill out the electronic form on it. You can use this payment procedure for any civil claim case where both parties agree on the contractual terms. The claim has no minimum or maximum value either. It is an entirely voluntary procedure.

The payment procedure must take place in the jurisdiction of the defendant. The local district court will oversee the case and apply the proper payment order and judgment.


Insolvency Proceedings.

In Finland, they have what is known as insolvency proceedings. If a debtor owes money but cannot pay their debts after a few missed payments, it will cause insolvency proceedings to get established. These proceedings help determine what will happen to the debtor’s debts.

Three possible types of insolvency proceedings could take place in Finland. They are bankruptcy, enterprise restructuring and debt adjustment proceedings. The laws that govern these proceedings are the Bankruptcy Act, the Restructuring of Enterprises Act and the Adjustment of the Debts of a Private Individual Act.


Bankruptcy proceedings are standard legal procedures performed in many countries around the world. These proceedings are used to liquidate the debtor’s assets to compensate their creditors for the debts owed to them. Any natural or legal citizen of Finland can declare bankruptcy. If a legal person was removed from the official register, they could still declare bankruptcy afterwards. In some cases, the trustee of an insolvency estate or decedent’s estate can declare bankruptcy on its behalf.

Enterprise Restructuring.

Enterprise restructuring and debt adjustment procedures are financial reorganisation proceedings. They’re meant to help debtors get through their difficult economic times without necessarily selling off assets.

Enterprise restructuring can occur with any entity engaged in economic activity, such as a self-employed individual, corporation, or entrepreneur. But if the company is in the credit or insurance industries, they’re subject to stricter regulations and oversight. Therefore, they get left out of most restructuring proceedings.

Debt Adjustment.

Only a natural person can receive a debt adjustment. Suppose the natural person pursues a private business, an unlimited partnership-based business, or a limited partnership as the general partner. In that case, they may be allowed to have a debt adjustment if the conditions are accurate.

Sometimes a debtor and their creditors might agree on a payment plan to pay back the debts owed. That way, they can avoid wasting the time and money associated with insolvency proceedings. However, keep in mind that no official government regulations exist for these types of private voluntary arrangements.

All these insolvency proceedings have one thing in common: the debtor is insolvent. When the debtor is insolvent, it means they cannot fulfil their financial obligations toward the debts owed. It is not a temporary problem, but rather a long term one.


Claims Enforcement.

Enforcement of judgments can be seen as the last stop in the debt collection process in Finland.

Local authorities enforce claims in the same jurisdictions as the defendants and debtors. (If the debt has been legally established by a judgment through the ordinary legal procedure or the payment order).

Creditors must request claim enforcement by applying for it in writing with the appropriate legal authority. They must explain the legal grounds for why the enforcement is necessary. Creditors don’t have to pay any enforcement fees upfront.

Easily create your case for your payment demand against your finnish customer!

This is how our debt collection service works.

We can help you with debt collection in Finland.

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