Making it easier to sell abroad.. and actually get paid

Overcoming difficulties with Debt Collection for Internationally oriented companies.

Customs and regulations for how to recover claims differ from country to country and it’s a fact that claims must be collected in the country where the debtor is located! Oddcoll is a platform, unique of its kind, developed for companies with an international customer base. Linking you directly to Debt Collection agencies and Law Firms in your customers´ countries. Meaning that a local debt collector, in an instant, starts to work for you!

The only other way to get a qualitative representative like this, is to start calling top law firms and top Debt Collection agencies in your debtors’ countries. Then start negotiating prices, agreements, etc. At Oddcoll all this is already done for you. Moreover, we also offer an easy-to-use platform that takes up the minimum of your time.

Get paid more often as our partners are


Experts on local conditions.


Experts on local business culture.


Experts on applicable debt recovery laws.


And they speak the same language as your debtors.

Spend less time collecting invoices

Hand over each claim to the best qualified for the job!

Manage your cases with ease on your account pages!

Get notified when something happens in your cases!

Retain good customer relationships

Do not compromise your customer relationships by using a debt collector that does not speak your customer’s language, who is not familiar with your customers´ business climate, and who does not know which debt collection actions that are appropriate to take.

Act in compliance with laws and regulations

Laws and permits for debt collection are always regulated nationally in the debtors’ countries. To ensure that all actions are in accordance with the law, you always need to use a debt collector where your customers are.

Do not take our word for it.

The EU Commission states that companies must use debt collection agencies / law firms in their customers’ countries


                   It is noteworthy that debt collection agencies collecting debts from consumers whose main residence is established in another Member State are generally also subject to the regulation of the Member State of destination, and therefore have to register. For example: a German debt collection agency that received the mission from a German company to recover the € 5,000 debt of a Belgian consumer will have to register in Belgium before being authorised to operate in the Belgian territory. The consequence for a foreign creditor is that he usually will have and/or prefer to take contact with a debt collection agency located and registered in the Member State of the consumer (Belgium in this example).”

Credit and claims management. Teaching modules on cross-border credit and claims management.
Ares(2014)4212895, p. 93 ff