We are happy to present our Italian partner Serfin 97 S.r.l. 

Could you shortly describe your company?

 Serfin97 is active in the debt collection filed since 1989, started as a family company we are now one of the biggest Italian debt collection company, with almost 700 employee in 2 country.

Serfin97 manage the entire the debt collection process starting from the early business information to the judicial collection.

Our mission is to be a reliable partner for our customers.

What kind of service could the creditor expect when you´re handling their case?

 During this 30 years, Serfin97 expanded also in different markets, i.e. customer care, so we know the importance for our customer to manage the debt collection process, looking after the relation with the debtor/customer.

The collection is performed with highly trained agents, so Serfin97 can guarantee a service complianct with the laws (Italian and European), well skilled in negotiation to reach the best collection performances.

What challenges do you have when collecting in Italy?

 In Italy the biggest challenge is to persuade to debtor that the credit of our customer is the most important, often the debtor have more than one debt to pay and they have to understand that our credit is the first that have to be paid. 

Can you mention one statistic that you are proud of?

 In spite of we manage over 1 million cases per year, we never received an objection from the “Garante della Privacy” (the Italian institution monitoring the data protection), that means that no one of our agent has ever done a data protection violation.

Thank you for the chat Mr. Marco Edoardo Massa. / Johan Brännberg. CEO, Oddcoll AB

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