Payment request letters – Best practice templates

When it comes to payment reminders the seller often wonders how to collect the claim and at the same time retain a good relationship with the customer.

The solution is to send two escalating payment request letters, the first letter is a gentle reminder of payment and the second letter is more direct to the point and explains the consequences of non-payment. 

Templates to the only payment request letters you need:

1. The first Payment request letter (friendly)

2. The second Payment request letter (final)

Best practice is to only use these two reminders.

More than that has a minimal effect on the success rate and the added time will decrease your chances to get paid if you decide to take further actions.

Also, note that many reminders will decrease the effect of future reminders to the same customer. I recommend you use the exact templates, but if you want to adjust it, be sure to keep the tone. After all, it is the best practice for payment reminder via letters.

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