We are very happy to present our Finnish partner Perintäritari Oy. Located in the Finnish city Seinäjoki. A Debt Collection Agency with a long experience in the Finnish Debt Collection industry.


Could you shortly describe your company?


We are a small family business which has been a one man company for 27 years and now since the beginning of 2017 we grew to a two men company.

We help businesses to recover their debts with a customer-based means and we improve our customers’ cash flow and credit management.

Our goal is to be the most wanted partner in credit management and debt recovery business.

What kind of service could the creditor expect when you´re handling their case?


With us, the customer can always expect personal service no matter if you’re creditor or debtor. We have a clear division of our work. Juha takes care of sales and marketing and Jussi takes care of administration and the debt collection itself. We don’t have any call centers or faceless customer service desks. I’m the one who answers e-mails and phone calls and my face is on our website next to my phone number.

We also carry the economic risk of debt collection. We don’t charge anything from creditor beforehand (excl. legal actions) and if we fail to collect the debt we don’t charge of our failure, the customer who already has lost money.

What challenges do you have when collecting in Finland?


We have the same kind of challenges as they probably have in many European countries.

If you can’t get the debt paid voluntarily, the worst case scenario is that bureaucracy of legal actions will take a long period of time and be getting money back even after that is always uncertain.

Can you mention one statistic that you are proud of?


We are proud of our success rate. It’s grown since we decided that every debtor gets two letters of collection and phone call. Especially calling to debtors has brought good results.

Another thing we are proud of is that hard work pays off. Our goal was very careful with growing business in the first year but now we are in 50% growth measured in turnover.

Also, we are very proud of transparency in our pricing. The customer can always use the counter on our website to find out the accurate sum of what he/she is going to pay for us collecting their receivables. https://perintaritari.com/hinnasto/ .



We are happy to work with Jussi & Juha who are doing a great work!

This blog post in now Finnish 🙂