International debt collection laws

First of all. There are no such thing as International debt recovery laws.

Rules and laws that apply to debt collection are always regulated at a national level.

Just like other procedural rules. As to sue someone in court, or to enforce a judgment.

So which country’s laws apply?

For debt collection, the laws of the country where the debtor is located are applied.

In other words, if you have to collect a claim against a debtor in Sweden, Swedish laws apply.

The main features of countries´ legislation on debt collection.

Two main features can be distinguished in most countries.

1. Authorization is almost always needed for third-party collection agencies, to protect debtors from unscrupulous companies and prohibited practices.

2. And there are also rules about prohibited actions against the debtor. (To protect the debtor.) For example. Within what time of day the Debt Collector may contact the debtor, etc.

To sum up.

  • There are no international debt collection laws.
  • The rules for collection in your debtor`s country are applicable.
  • Most likely, permission is required for debt collection activities against debtors in that specific country
  • There are most likely rules on how the debtor must be treated.

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