How it works

Bagaimana cara kerjanya

Dapatkan faktur Anda yang dikumpulkan dalam beberapa langkah sederhana

Bagaimana cara kerjanya

Dapatkan faktur Anda yang dikumpulkan dalam beberapa langkah sederhana


1. Unggah faktur Anda.

Buat akun dan unggah faktur untuk dikumpulkan. Baik secara langsung di platform atau melalui API atau file CSV.

2. Proses penagihan utang dimulai.

Faktur yang telah Anda unggah akan dikumpulkan secara lokal oleh mitra kami, agen penagihan utang, dan firma hukum di negara yang sama dengan debitur Anda.

Mereka akan segera mengambil tindakan yang tepat yang efektif di negara mereka. Hal ini mungkin termasuk panggilan telepon dan permintaan penagihan.

Yang terpenting, mereka memiliki yurisdiksi dan keahlian untuk mengambil tindakan hukum terhadap debitur Anda. Ini adalah fakta yang membuat debitur Anda merasa perlu untuk segera melakukan pembayaran.

3. Dapatkan pembayaran.

Ketika faktur telah dikumpulkan, uangnya akan ditransfer kepada Anda.

FAQ tentang cara kerjanya

Bisakah saya memulai kasus melalui file API atau CSV?

Ya, Oddcoll memiliki API yang dapat Anda sambungkan. Atau, Anda dapat mengirimkan file CSV kepada kami untuk memulai kasus. Hubungi kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut.

Berapa lama proses penagihan utang?

Ini bisa bervariasi antar negara, tetapi biasanya fase pengumpulan utang secara damai memakan waktu antara tiga hingga delapan minggu.

Bagaimana cara saya berkomunikasi dengan penagih utang saya?

Berkomunikasi langsung dengan penagih utang Anda di halaman kasus untuk setiap kasus.

Apakah saya akan diberi tahu jika terjadi sesuatu dalam kasus saya?

Ya, Anda akan diberi tahu melalui email.

Bagaimana cara mengakses kasus saya?

Melalui halaman akun Anda, Anda memiliki akses ke kasus Anda dari mana saja, kapan saja!

Bagaimana jika debitur tidak membayar meskipun ada tuntutan penagihan dan ancaman untuk diproses secara hukum?

Langkah selanjutnya adalah menempuh jalur hukum. Langkah ini dilakukan di negara debitur dan mitra kami ahli dalam pemulihan hukum piutang.

Mendapatkan nilai 9,4 dari 10 berdasarkan 70 ulasan di Kiyoh!​international debt collection in Finland

Lars , Hvide Sande

Persistent and gets results.

Had a client, who wouldn’t pay their bill. Got Oddcoll on the case. Even though it was a tough fight, they managed to get a payment out of them.

Will absolutely use oddcoll again in the future.

– Easy to create a case on their website
– Good information during the whole process
– Low cost, compared to similar companies
– They get results

David , Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Global tool to take into account today

It puts at your disposal a great debt collection tool without selling smoke and with a practical and useful approach for any company or individual who needs to outsource a great service at an affordable cost.

Brian , Copenhagen

Smooth experience – excellent customer support!

Just worked out like a charm…. excellent service all around. And their online system worked flawlessly. Great overall experience that I can only recommend.

Holden , Darwen

Oddcoll get the job done!

Very straightforward dealing with Oddcoll. All necessary information supplied, good communication feedback and payment received from debtor. Would use again!

Daniel Arnold , Munich

Very efficient and helpful service

I had to collect an invoice that was a long time overdue and the debtor refused to communicate with me. The debt collection service was swift and effective, my invoice was paid within a few weeks of engaging Oddcoll. I highly recommend this service as it saved a lot of time and hassle I would otherwise have had to go through. The online portal is very helpful and extremely easy to use. Communications from the local debt collector (in my case in the Netherlands) were swift and professional.


Iida , Helsinki

Great customer service & well designed online service!

We were advised and informed well concerning every step of the dept collection process. The dept of our client was paid not long after the process was initiated.

Korana Lasić , Tesanj

Oddcoll AB have impressed me with their no nonsense approach and professionalism.

Wonderful people. You can trust them to do the job and do it well. All you have to do is upload the invoice onto their platform and leave the rest up to them.

They have a wonderful Irish partner in Paul Nolan of AR Solutions. He has recently handled on my behalf a very difficult outsourcer, very successfully.

I am a freelance translator and having Oddcoll to count on has alleviated my anxiety and given me the option of taking on risky jobs from less then ideal outsourcers. They really are a freelancer’s best friend.

Jesper , Viborg

Very professional

Very professional. Good communications. And they got our money. Thank you. Will definately use this service again

Jan , Aabenraa

Quick response and action.

The case was closed within 14 days, so we are very satisfied.

Eman , 2 Woodberry Grove North Finchley London United Kingdom N12 0DR

My experience with Oddcoll AB Debts collector

My name is Eman Nabih, I’m COO, Internet Marketing Specialist in Devenia Limited co (British company). We certainly recommend Oddcoll as debts collector, because according to our experience with them, Oddcoll and their staff, are professional, reliable and credible in handling debt collection cases Globally.

We had a case with an Italian Company in 2019, we provided the services, and they refused to pay us the invoice. We contacted Oddcoll, and their staff handled the case with the debtor and the case is solved.

If any company out there, whether a small or a big business size, ever faces problems in collecting their money/sales invoices from a customer, we do recommend Oddcoll Debts collector, because having such services means that your money is safe and you will get it back, even if a customer thinks that he can just decide not to pay you the money of a provided service and get away with it.

We certainly are going to use Oddcoll again if we ever face any problem in relation to debt collection, that really saved us money, time and legal procedures, if we were obliged to do it on our own.

Spesialis penagihan utang lokal terbaik – Siap membantu Anda


Oddcoll merupakan layanan penagihan utang internasional.
Kami memudahkan perusahaan untuk mendapatkan bayaran dari pelanggan mereka di luar negeri.

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