We are happy to present our partner from Netherlands, Hettema & van Bambost Juristen. From their residence in Amsterdam, these Dutch lawyers will handle your case whenever the debtor is from there. Hettema & van Bambost Juristen have 24 years of experience, are professional and have a high success rate. We have asked them a few questions.

What kind of service could the creditor expect when you´re handling their case?


We are an international debt collection company that collects commercial claims on the base of no cure no fee, even when we must go to court. We take care of the complete debt collection procedure, that is the extrajudicial phase, the legal procedure and the execution of judgments.

What challenges do you have when collecting in Netherlands?


Our challenge is to perform better than our competitors in the collection branch and to deliver the best possible value for money by delivering top quality service with outstanding knowledge of the legal system on very competitive conditions.

Can you mention one statistic that you are proud of?


Our average success rate is between 75% and 80%.



We are happy to work with Hettema & van Bambost Juristen who is doing a great work.