Debt Collection in Serbia


  • Debt Collection Conducted Locally in Serbia
  • Experts on Serbian conditions, laws and business culture
  • Only pay for successful debt recovery, 9,5 % commission

Upload your invoice and start the recovery. 24/7 online access to your cases.

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Serbian Debt Collection Services for B2B claims!

Are you looking for the most reliable and fast debt collection services? If the answer is yes, we “Oddcoll Debt Collection” in Serbia has got you covered. Our Serbian partner deal your unpaid invoices according to the local business laws and provide you the fastest recovery options.

Your debt collection request is initiated by our local debt collector in Serbia, the moment you upload your claims to our online platform. By proceeding your case as the domestic debt collection case, which is the most effective one, your money is transferred to your bank via wire transfer once recovered.

In Serbia, our local partner is the Law Firm Legal Advisory Group, in Belgrade.

No Collection, No Fee. 9,5 % Commission.

If an invoice against your Serbian customer is overdue, the solution does not have to be complicated. By Using a Law Firm in Serbia to recover your claim, you increase your chances to get paid. They have the necessary expertise in relevant legislation and Serbian business culture.


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