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When your Luxembourg customer does not pay, you should, in order to get paid, let a Luxembourg law firm help you recover your claim. They are experts on what actions should be taken against the debtor.

But how do you easily find a good Luxembourg law firm that offers Debt Collection Services? Do not worry. Via our platform, you have a high-performing law firm working for you within minutes. Our Partner in Luxembourg is Jean-Paul Kill – avocat á la Cour.

No Collection, No Fee. 9,5 % Commission.

Collecting claims in Luxembourg

Debt Collection out.of-court in Luxembourg
In the amicable stage, the Law firm communicates that a lawsuit in court may be the result if the debtor does not pay. Law firms have a good success rate in the amicable stage.

Judicial Debt Recovery in Luxembourg
The procedures for payment orders in Luxembourg are a little tricky. A difference is made between claims over and under 10,000 Euro. For claims over 10 000 Euro, the creditor applies for payment order to the district court. Even if the debtor contests the payment order, the court can make a decision on the matter. Parties may also be called to a hearing. For claims below 10,000 Euro, there are two different options for payment orders. A creditor can apply for payment of an appeal to the District Court or to the Judge of Justice (Juge de Paix). Our partner knows which option is better in each individual case.

Hopefully, the debtor pays the claim when his obligation to pay is legally determined by a judgment. But if the debtor in Luxembourg, despite the sentence, does not pay off his debt, what should a creditor do then? A creditor must then apply for enforcement. Enforcement means that the state in Luxembourg “forces” the debtor to comply with obligations (to the extent that the debtor has assets).


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