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Oddcoll is a platform with handpicked Debt Collection Agencies and Law Firms in 44 European countries, enabling internationally-oriented companies to recover their overdue invoices with ease


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Collection of your British B2B invoices

No doubt debt collection is quite a headache giving process especially when you hardly get time to run your business smoothly. Nevertheless, there is no need to worried anymore as Oddcoll is here for your help. With brief knowledge of local laws and regulation regarding business, our company makes the whole process of debt collection easier than ever before.

When your british customer does not pay, it is important to act quickly and consistently. After a payment reminder has been sent to the debtor (Without Results), you should hire a britush debt collection agency, so that the debtor prioritizes your claim.

Our services offer recovery through local debt collectors throughout the European continent, as well as in the UK.

Local Debt Collection in the UK for best results!

In the UK, our partner is Credit Limits International Ltd and Our UK partner covers,

  • Debt collection in England
  • Debt collection in Northern Ireland
  • Debt collection in Scotland
  • Debt collection in Wales

The Amicable Debt Collection Phase

The Debt Collector contacts the debtor and explains that they are handling the case and what the consequences can be if they refuse to pay. The consequences are the initiation of legal actions, but at this point, the British debt collector is seeking for a friendly solution.

Judicial Debt Recovery in the UK

If the debt cannot be recovered in the amicable phase, the next step is to proceed with legal action. An assessment must be made in each case to see if it is worthwhile to proceed with legal action, based on factors such as the debtor’s solvency, the size of the debt, etc. By taking legal action, the creditor obtains a judgment that legally confirms the existence of the debt.


Once the court has issued a judgment, demands are made to the debtor to act in accordance with the judgment. If the debtor does not pay, the Creditor must apply for Enforcement. Enforcement means that the state takes assets from the debtor so that the creditor can be paid according to the judgment.

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Applies to all our partners

- Legal authorization to recover claims in their countries
- B2B Collection Specialists
- Communicates in English
- Experts in their national debt recovery legislation

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