We are happy to present our Irish partner AR Solutions. Get to know AR Solution a little bit better through this interview.

Could you shortly describe your company?


AR Solutions is a dynamic Accounts Receivable Management Service which provides a unique and bespoke service to all concerned with debt collection.
The company was formed in 2007 by our CEO Paul Nolan, BSc Credit Management who has over 25 years experience in Credit Management in Ireland and who holds the highest academic qualification in the profession.
The company deals with both the B2B and B2C sectors and has a proven track record second to none.

We offer the following services:

  • Credit Control Outsourcing.
  • Collection of Overdue Accounts (pre-legal).
  • Debt Negotiation.
  • Training.
  • Litigation.
  • Consultancy

What kind of service could the creditor expect when you’re handling the case?

The creditor is guaranteed a highly flexible quality service provided by a well trained, fully qualified professional. We have a wealth of experience in collecting from all industry sectors in the Ireland whether it is a blue chip company or a sole trader.

Our aim is to rehabilitate your slow paying customers not to drive them away.

What challenges do you have when collecting in Ireland? 


Although there has been an uplift in the economy in the past year following years of austerity it is clear that not all parts of the country have experienced the same level of recovery. In some cases we have to realize that the debtor may not be in a position to pay all the debt at once, so we must skillfully negotiate a payment plan that is realistic but which is also acceptable to the Creditor.

Also, invoices that are billed in currencies other than the Euro present particular problems to Irish debtors. Again we have a tailored solution for this problem.

Finally, the legal system for debt recovery in Ireland can be cumbersome, long and expensive. This is why we will always endeavor to collect the debt at the pre-legal stage, thereby saving time and money for the Creditor.


Can you mention one statistic that you are proud of?


We collect overdue accounts for one of the top 5 utility companies in Ireland. We are constantly measured on our success rate and at 78% we continue to be their preferred supplier of debt collection service for a number of years now.

It is very important for us to keep a track record of our performance levels because “what gets measured gets done!”



We look forward to helping Creditors across Europe collecting what is rightfully due to them by non-paying debtors in Ireland.

We are happy to work with AR Solutions who is doing a great work. AR Solutions and St. Patricks day is both highly valued for us when it comes to Ireland!



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