Manage with ease your unpaid invoices against companies in 44 of Europe’s countries



Local Debt Collection Agencies and Law Firms in 44 Countries in Europe


Experts on local conditions, laws and business culture – Your claims is always in good hands


Only pay for successful debt recovery, 9,5 % commission

Upload your invoice and start the recovery of your claim. 24/7 online access to your cases.

200+ Businesses Getting Paid since Launch in February 2017


“Really Excellent Performance with intelligent approach to debtors and 100% success rate on recovery of owe invoices.”

Paul- R W Towler

Very professional and attentive and we got paid very quickly. Would definetely recommend! very low rate of commision

A Quick and Easy Online Service for Debt Collection

When you upload invoices to Oddcoll, our local partners initiate the collection process immediately to collect your claims. They are experienced debt collection agencies and law firms who are authorized to collect claims in their respective countries

And because your invoices always are handled as national claims,


  • The recovery process is faster
  • The recovery rates are better
  • The price is lower

Upload your invoice and start the recovery of your claim.

The Process

Manage all your cases online on our platform

Upload Your Invoice

Upload your invoice on your account page

Your Claim Is Collected

Our local partner recovers your claim

Get Paid

Once the debtor has paid, the money will be wired to your bank account


No Collection, No Fee. 9,5 % Commission.  No upfront or hidden fees

– only pay for successful debt recovery

About Us

With our roots in companies active on International markets, we know how tough credit management can be when you have foreign customers.

So with the purpose to make it easier and faster for companies to receive payment for their unpaid invoices, we created Oddcoll. The service is offered for debt recovery against businesses, and in that niche, we make a difference.

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